Mothica is the music project of Oklahoma-born McKenzie Ellis. Like a moth, nocturnal yet drawn to the light, her lyrics balance clever wordplay doting on intimate and often dark life experiences. Mothica self-produced her first EP called Mythic in 2015. Her somber song about self-empowerment, “No One” reached No.6 on the US Viral Spotify Charts. Remaining true to her DIY ethos, she continued releasing music independently for six years, a video of her unreleased song “Vices” went viral on TikTok, gaining 17 million streams organically and thousands of new followers. She continued to engage her fan base with merch giveaways, music videos, and interactive releases based around mental health. In 2020, Mothica released her debut album “Blue Hour” which hit #1 on Apple Music’s pop albums. Shortly after came the EP, “Forever Fifteen” in March 2021- which tells the story of her suicide attempt at that age.

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