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City: Bartlesville
State: OK
Fav. Band: DOWN
Fav. Song: Rise from Pantera
Fav. Concert: Pantera and White Zombie
Fav. Drink: Blueberry Vodka and Sprite
Tell us a little about yourself. What makes you special. Why do you think you would best represent Rocklahoma. What you love most about Rocklahoma.
Ok well I'm an artist and I love rock and Roll, especially heavy metal. I have loved both my entire life. In fact one of my first things I did was I'd get kids to pay me 20 bucks to draw "tattoo's", like G&R or the Theater of Pain, on their jeans back in middle school. I also did a ceramic piece of Motley Crue in art and Nirvana t-shirt in Home Ec. :p Most recently though I did a painting of Steven Tyler that I sold the night he came to play in town. My first concert was my favorite of all time, Pantera! I left with one shoe, a ripped shirt, and I had a great time! It was my birthday. Now my big date nights are always concerts. Me and my hubs love going to Cain's, the Diamond Ballroom, or The Granada in Lawrence for some of the hardest music out there. We've been to well over 50 together. I can show you how to mosh, crowd surf, and jump off the stage like a champ. Representing Rocklahoma would be such an honor. I've been there so many times. I love to see the people that make up this huge event. They really know how to celebrate life and rock and I'd love to officially be a part of that. It really has a great array of old and new bands. I love that you can go see rock legends and then head to a different stage to see a more up and coming metal band. It has also open my eyes to some bands that I didn't know were so good in person, like Staind. I mean I liked them but when I saw them in person at Rocklahoma, WOW! I never knew they were that amzing. To be better in person than you are on a track is not an easy thing to do ,I'd think. Rock is something that makes me who I am. My inner vibe falls somewhere between Megadeath and Volbeat. I cant drive to any of it. I'll get pulled over for going to fast. Its a huge part of my style, my art, and the love of my life. I would celebrate Rocklahoma the way you would want it to be celebrated, of course after I was done driving.
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