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City: Vancouver
State: BC
Fav. Band: Ozzy Osbourne
Fav. Song: Diary of a Madman
Fav. Concert: Metallica
Fav. Drink: Jack Daniel's - NEAT!
Tell us a little about yourself. What makes you special. Why do you think you would best represent Rocklahoma. What you love most about Rocklahoma.
My name is Dora Kola from Vancouver, Canada! I am a model, as well as a Rock Disc Jockey that has worked in ‘World Class Rock’ and also have my very own broadcasting channel called ‘ROCK with Dora Kola’ where I interview cool musicians! I live and breathe heavy metal and classic rock. On my right arm, I have a portrait of Randy Rhoads as he is my all time favourite musician and I am very honoured to be one of the Rhoadies to carry his legacy, as well as ROCK N ROLL as a genre. For my age, people are usually surprised by my music taste that has affected my lifestyle and allowed me to have a career in rock radio, but really .. I feel like an older gentleman stuck in a 22-year-old female’s body! I also ride a Harley Davidson as I am obsessed with motorcycle culture, the feeling of freedom, and basically the feeling that listening to rock n roll gives me. I’d love to share my energy and passions with the lovely crowds of Rocklahoma as this will be my first time going this year! And now that I am finally legal ..... I want to show Rocklahoma what I am all about with the over powering enthusiasm and entertainment I can bring!!!! More photos here: www.instagram.com/dorakola
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