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Fav. Band: Bands: Zeppelin, Skynyrd, Stevie Ray, Black Label Society, Attila, Emmure, Killswitch, All That Remains, For Today, Breaking Ben, Evans Blue...it's hard to name just one.
Fav. Song: Currently this week: Lost In The Static by After the Burial
Fav. Concert: I love all Rock/Metal Fest
Fav. Drink: Jameson and Sprite (with a lime to keep it classy lol)
Tell us a little about yourself. What makes you special. Why do you think you would best represent Rocklahoma. What you love most about Rocklahoma.
Hello Fellow Rockers!!!

My name is Lacey and I'm a fun loving country girl who loves rock n roll. I enjoy live music, rock crawling, fishing, dancing, singing, being goofy, making others laugh, and meeting new people.

I wear many hats in my busy life such as being a momma to 3 wild boys and 2 beautiful girls, Im a a wife and supporter to a very talented metal vocalist, I own my own airbrush tanning business, I am a volunteer cheer coach, concert promoter, bartender, and I love staying active in my community. I am the kind of person that tries to bring fun and life wherever I go, and help others as much as possible.

I think what makes me special is that I am the real deal!! I may look like your average Oklahoma country girl, but metal and hard rock runs through my veins. You won't find a sweeter and more genuine metalhead than me. What can I say, my daddy raised me right. :)

I also like to push boundaries...last cheer season I used Pantera's Walk and Atilla's Middle Fingers Up in a little league cheer routine...HAHA! Now that is pretty damn special.

I am an excellent choice to represent Rocklahoma because both Rock n Roll and Oklahoma are engrained in me...which makes me "Rocklahoma". I am the sweet homegrown honey with a metal edge.

I've got to be honest, I've been trying to get to Rocklahoma for Years!! I'm looking forward to all of the crazy shenanigans!

And what better way to enter this amazing "ROCKLAHOMA WORLD" than with a tiara?!?

I hope that you support me in my journey for the title!

Thank you for taking the time to read this forever long novel, Rock Hard and God Bless!

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