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City: Zachary
State: LA
Fav. Band: Theory of a Deadman, Shaman's Harvest, Shinedown the list goes on and on
Fav. Song: Way too many to list
Fav. Concert: Last year's Rocklahoma, turned me.on to so many bands I now love!!
Fav. Drink: Fireball or vanilla vodka and cranberry
Tell us a little about yourself. What makes you special. Why do you think you would best represent Rocklahoma. What you love most about Rocklahoma.
I guess you could say I was born to be a fan of rock. I share my birthday with the King of Rock and Roll, which I think is pretty awesome. My parents raised me jamming to all the 80s hair bands, back when MTV still had videos, come to think of it, I love them more now then I did then.

Hitting up rock shows is my favorite thing to do, and being anywhere other than the front of the pack is unacceptable. You'll find me there singing every word, getting lost in the music and having the time of my life everytime.

I'm an aspiring actress and have worked on several films and tv series, but my highest acting accomplishment came when I got to work on a film written and directed by John Schneider (Bo Duke). Although, it would be absolutely amazing to land a gig on a rock music video. Recently, I have been pursuing modeling and was named Thunder Roads Louisiana model of the year. It's through my involvement with the biker community that I have had some amazing opportunities to help and give back. Volunteering time to help with benefits for those in need or fundraisers to give back to several charities. You just can't find better people than them. When im.not doing these things you can find me in the gym getting inspiration and motivation from all my fav rockers, something bout it just gives ya that extra go get em girl!!!

Why would I love to be Miss Rocklahoma? Rock is a universal love! A soul saving, life giving art. It demands attention and appreciation regardless of the time period. Something that rattles your bones, increases the heart rate, feeds the soul and leaves you feeling full after each new experience. The last REAL genre out there. It can make you feel at peace while listening to a guy singing at the top of his lungs just as much as hearing a softer sung tune. It's a safe haven, and a therapist. A place where we can all come together and unify as we pay our respects to those who give us what we need. There have been so many days that I have turned to my music for all these things and it never fails. So I would love, love, loooove to be chosen to proudly represent Rock and Rocklahoma!

Thank you again for having such an awesome festival. I can't wait to get there!!
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