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City: Byhalia
State: Mississippi
Fav. Band: Def Leppard
Fav. Song: Pour some sugar on me
Fav. Concert: Rocklahoma
Fav. Drink: Jager
Tell us a little about yourself. What makes you special. Why do you think you would best represent Rocklahoma. What you love most about Rocklahoma.
I am the definition of small town southern girl. I come from a town everyone knows everyone and we all gather with music and bon fires. I was definitely raised on southern rock, it comes from my roots. Now that I'm 24 it still follows me wherever I go. I can go from country to rock in a split second. I'm a concert junkie that's for sure and I wouldn't want it any other way. I wanna bring the miss rocklahoma title home to Mississippi with me so we can share our southern ways!!
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